Ladies. Stop. Being. Bitches.

Today I was reminded about a woman who did the shittiest thing anyone has ever done to me - I hate thinking about her because people have been mean to me when I deserved it - people have confronted me like grown ups - but this particular person did something so mean and rude that it is beyond my comprehension. It seems to me that she very clearly has a list of people she wants to be mean to and goes through that list systematically. I just can't believe someone would be that awful. The worst part is she's rewarded for it because she's gotten pretty far - how can you get away with being a bitch? How can that possibly be ok? Like, in your entire life?

Women deserve so much better. 

I'm also watching Ink Masters for some reason - and there is this woman - Emily - who is such. a. bitch. and I wonder why people are like that? What was your family like? Did you have to just crush the people around you to get dinner? Did you get rewarded for making others cry? What is wrong with your parents? 

I'm the mother to a girl who will be a woman who will be nice to everyone - who will try her best to include everyone - who will never intentionally hurt another woman and bring her down. She will fuck up but she'll learn from it - and if that doesn't get her past the bitches who are clawing their way to the top then good for her - that's not how you create change and that's not how you gain respect. 

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