It's My Birthday!! This is what I want!

This is a very present-filled time of my life! All of the things from our registry are things that we've picked for our home together, a huge thank you to those who have purchased us gifts! You guys are the best.

Birthdays are a totally different story and since I'm turning the lamest age of all time, 29, there is absolutely no reason to get me a gift! Or even, a drink which is a totally acceptable adult birthday present.

This year I'd like to respectfully request a donation to StreetWise Partners! A $5 - $10 donation will help me reach my fundraising goal (I'm so super close, it's a lot more than this $500 last push, btw)! I've made the commitment to be on the Junior Board of StreetWise as well as an Officer in their continued "Phase 2" programming because I truly believe in the mission and the positive change that StreetWise brings.

The main program is a 14 week career ventures program for low-income individuals. As a volunteer you are set up with a trainee who you help through the curriculum. You meet weekly and go over skills such as cover letter writing, resume writing, interviewing etc. As well as more fun skills like mingling at a work social event and learning a 'elevator pitch.' This year they're installing a new program where there will be monthly check ins for 9 months after the program ends. As an officer in this program I will be facilitating these meet-ups between Trainees and Mentors and I'm really excited! These relationships are confidence boosting at the very least, and life long friendships (I still look over resumes and college essays for a trainee I had three years ago).

A few years ago I was really looking for something to do with my spare time that made a difference. I really find StreetWise to be just that!

You can visit my fundraising page HERE.

Thank you!
Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.