I used to be a really good writer

I am a good writer. 

My whole life I was good at it -- I got awards -- I got nominated for awards -- when I was a Freshman in college I had a writing class and everyone had a 1x1 with the professor and people were coming out of them looking bummed and I went in there and she was like 'well you're a writer' anything else you want to talk about?

That felt good. 

I blogged a few times - did one for my wedding did one for my move to LA and blogged about baby things. I've thought about writing short stories and I've started some - finished one (the Stephen King homework from 'On Writing') but I'm having a hard time with it now. 

For the first time in a while I'm writing for work and I'm really failing. I just feel like I can't get the words out that I used to be so proud of -- I can't even write this. 


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