I tried to dictate blog posts as I was walking

since these days i can mostly type with only one hand - hence the lowercase - i thought that during my 'thinking time' aka the hours we walk each day - omg that reminds me i forgot to listen to serial today! - i could talk it out. the hilarious results that read like voice mail emails are below!

Hi things out testing testing this microphone hey so it is Monday and Florence and I are on our walk of the day at 11 AM and I am really tired just trying to figure out you know how to do my daily a hang and then also take care of person really really busy lately which has been really just exhausting if you like even if I nap or if I sleep this is never like and then also this is everything that I expected you know I knew that it wasn't hard tired I knew I'd be Saturday carry new much work and all the stuff so it's not that any of this is coming you know that surprises just the way so the other day I got pretty upset about daycare only because you want to see our first daycare to know if you see any of them first one syndicate option location wise it was something that I could pick up from the Walker home and I'm wanted to go there in the morning but is just not from us it was not as cool as I wanted to be the leader was very nice but it wasn't like someplace where I thought I could see us leaving our baby --

--  tells us waiting ice cream thought maybe would work the first time and it didn't so we have to keep looking what you have to do so I'm just thinking that if I had five minutes to be at Internet I could do it and of course you have five minutes I want to do your million other things like. And sleep so little things like keeping it off but I know that if I do it it'll get done and I need to just gonna try little bit whether it's a something on social media about how upset it made me at one day because I have a lot of legal advice and going to go to what to do before which I don't understand wide like I should've gone to you before you know something out loud now I am sad you know and not excited about visiting her away like seeing for the day and emails and lots of messages of love from people with great ideas and I'm really excited too just to the czar and see what people also going to do you switch out because of media again the two communities here in my area I haven't found any alumni up in the concert Facebook I noticed you were looking to be here who wants you are going through similar things and let's talk about it in that would be not be really helpful because I love billowed and we want to talk to people but I want to talk to people so I have to tell figured out I think the one thing for sure the next send my paternity leave have the fruit for three months and then I'm going to work I definitely want to talk I love my job a I'm never love so I look teapot in pretty so I don't need to take a look at different places and I need to be excited about it and am I know that international little bit of insulation needs to go make them all the good stuff thanks again for her she's gonna have a lot of fun and also you know I need to work to be able to save money so we can go on vacations and we can certainly email to kill jobs and I think that is honestly the best thing that we can do know for her and for future is that we all work getting everybody's happy and kind of figure okay this is not great I wanted to do was catch thinking about staying it is not coming out as I hope that it would so I'm gonna keep thinking 

Beginning me I just a lot not talk me think of that as a draft things are Amber crafting in being a sale mom is gonna be hard thousand that I could design my budget Austrina Kokumin one Isana mama she's LOL that's what I want to have a mom friends actually like in real life the car is been a huge problem I should nonchemical slot of should've Donald and ago spent think that what happened with literally everything trying to get rid of them Teeger job is almost easier than actually doing a good job because I can tell myself that it's okay and that and take it easy and myself the initial lot right to be hard I don't care I love it sometimes I feel so small in the big scheme of things but it's good to go outside phlogopite put your head up and look up and be excited about everything is happening a.m. and it's easy to get trapped in worry but maybe not worried it's actually okay things I done been proceeding but it's a totally worth it I don't know how to articulate everything is happening right now but I'm glad I'm saying out loud with already down later not definitely been helpful Helen is on the tool just want to be myself but I want to talk about it

Really everything that you have clean happy oh my God close making popping noises

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