I Suspect You Are A Treasure

We keep finding things that accidentally fit into our boat/sailor theme of the wedding! Accidents, I can only presume, because we always had them in the back of our minds.

When JCPE and I first started dating we took turns recommending old movies to each other. It's pretty fair to say that he fell in love with me during Clambake (worth noting that they managed to make a movie about a beach and a boat race without Elvis ever actually being outdoors, also worth noting it's Elvis' least fav of his movies, just so when you see that in reviews you're not embarrassed like you think I don't know).

Anyway, speaking of boat movies filmed on a sound stage, JCPE had suggested that I watch "Now, Voyager" with Bette Davis. Bette plays an old maid type who gussies it up a little and heads out on a life changing cruise (sort of like, Lonely Tourist Charlotte Charles, but sans dying). It's been 5 years since I've watched this, but the part that sticks out is Bette saying to her mother's nurse maid upon meeting her "I Suspect You Are A Treasure." I remember vividly being in my little twin bed in my little East Village Apt watching the movie on my little tv on my dresser and I had to pause it. In a different context, but in a very striking way that's EXACTLY how I felt about JCPE. In a "wait, there's something else going on here and you are fantastic" kind of way.

For my birthday he gave me a copy of the novel "Love Story" which, I refuse to read. I know that's heartless but I know what happens and I just can't bear it! I pulled it off the shelf the other day to dust around it and noticed that JCPE had taken a sharpie to the back cover, so I made it my bberry background.

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