I Should Run.

So back to the realization that I know absolutely nothing about marriage... at least, I know that. Let me tell you guys part the story of how we decided that this is what we wanted. It had been building up, the pressure, from family from friends from the 90% of my eggs that will be totally gone in the next two years. We'd been together for 4 years at that point last spring, when I was thinking about it. I remember a few little things. Like freaking out about place cards, at work in my free time on Green Wedding Shoes my favorite wedding blog. How, and I'm not even kidding, how does one possibly choose the correct place cards for sit down dinners? There are so many options! How do you KNOW which is right? So this was in my head one day when Julia, JCPE and I got dressed up and went to a Maker's Mark Kentucky Derby party. I wore awesome shoes. Knee deep in red wax and whiskey I looked down at my shoes and I thought. Man, I wish I hadn't worn these today... so I could get married in them. And I thought, Taylor, that's ridiculous. If you love a pair of shoes you can get married in them. It's your decision. So the seed was very deeply planted. Yesterday, as I thought about all the things that I don't know about being married JCPE imed me and said this: Juan: Hey btw you should run for office i'd vote for you me: are you making a list of how many times you have to tell me? and checking them off? Juan: maybe me: haha well thank you Juan: until next time Stirek Because you have to ask a woman to run several times. So right now at this moment I'm not freaking out about shoes or place cardsĀ  or even the fact that I don't know anything about marriage. Right now I'm thinking how the man who wants to marry me also encourages me and inspires me, and how he expects me to be the best person I can be. I wouldn't give him any less.
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