I have no concept of what I look like right now

I KNOW that just a few months ago I cried about everyone thinking that I was pregnant all the time.

Now that I AM pregnant - I can't tell if I look more pregnant - or just the same amount of 'chubby' that I always was? Most of me looks the same - except my face that is covered with broken capillaries from getting sick and always in a state of half-asleep.

I cannot WAIT to look pregnant for realz! I bought some long tank tops from target this weekend and some dresses that have the weird pregnancy ruching on them - but I haven't tried them on yet - because I can't decide yet if it's baby that's making me like this - or the fact that I ate lasagna and pizza and hummus for lunch today. 

Two weeks from today we're going to our 12 week check-up then we'll let everyone know!

Last time we confirmed that there IS indeed a baby in there (besides the feeling awful part I can't tell it's in there) so we were delighted when they actually saw it in there! 


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