I Hate Wrapping Paper Part 1: Fabric Wrapping!

I can always find good cause to complain but it's harder around the holidays! Everything is so warm and cheerful and smells like cinnamon!

The #1 thing that bugs the crap out of me is store bought wrapping paper! It is expensive, it is wasteful, it is boring! There are SO many more fun ways to wrap your gifts! This year I'm digging deep into my craft pile (not a room or a box, a pile) and trying something different with each one.

First up is fabric!

What you need for fabric DIY wrapping paper:

  • A thoughtful gift!

  • A scrap of fabric  - I used extra I had on hand but this is also a great way to recycle an old t-shirt

  • Needle & thread

  • Scissors

  • Tape

Simply cut the fabric the way you would wrapping paper, no need to iron the fabric you'll be pulling it as you sew. Start with the middle crease tape down the bottom layer (just like with paper) and fold over the top layer and tape to hold. Hand sew the seam and remove the tape (obviously the tape on the bottom will still be there, but it'll be hidden). Fold the first side down as you would wrap and sew all the seams pulling lightly as you go to smooth the fabric. I'm cool with it getting messy a bit under the seams since it is easy to hide folds as you go.

That's it! Much easier than it looks. The fun part will be to watch your friends and family try to open it, scissors might be required for that too.

After the holidays you can use the fabric again and again (on smaller and smaller packages) or use it to make patches, bags, aprons, add it to a quilt for a great memory... sky's the limit!





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