Ack! I'm going to have SO MANY panic attacks in the next oh... EIGHTEEN DAYS! My tummy hurts and I can't think straight! OMG. I was in the elevator today heading down for lunch and I remembered why I hate surprises! (hahahah oh god I'm watching this clip in another window. dead. THINGS ARE GONNA CHANGE FOR YOU TONIGHT!!) Anyway. In elementary school I was in Girlscouts and they did that 'kidnapping' to go camping thing that I'm not even sure that people do anymore since everyone is crazy and suspicious. But, anyway it's a really fun idea, the girls get taken to a party... what's funner than that? Except while EVERY girl was surprised, I totally wasn't, because my mom TOLD ME that they were coming. I can't even remember why... hold on I'm going to call her. haha she doesn't remember why, she thinks it's because she didn't want me to be scared... well set me up for a life of being terrified of surprises! Really, also, I've had my fair share. I keep laughing about how I can't believe that I was surprised about the engagement. Like, I SINCERELY was surprised. Everything hurts. If we survive through April we deserve medals, but I think we'll settle for wedding rings!
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