I had quite a dream last night

It was a little too literal - and a little too on the nose. I'll post it in a year or so. 

But going to my 'notes' on my phone at 4am brought me to this dream I had right before I moved to LA

Coming back from vacation with Kanter we were both blondes. We were in a taxi that wasn't official there was a little pay stub thing on the back like a tiny iPod. Then he took us into the city and on the west side highway and we saw a ton of people water skiing and playing in the river and we went to join them. Met a bunch of people and joined them walking down this path out into the water.  One person almost hit the pathway. We ended up in this circle concrete island with a roof and there was a giant seal that I was scared of. Then sometimes I'm with Juan who is really excited about skiing and sometimes I'm with Julia who got in trouble bc I saw a girl yell 'ahh the republican man!!' And we laughed and another girl got mad.

So I'm back in this weird line to learn how to ski and they make you climb a ladder and wait and I'm there talkin to people and someone looks down and there are huuuuuuuuge dead fish floating by and I sit into the ladder and hold on tight then I see that there is a rope monkey bar challenge to get to the end and I cry and say no way   The prize at the end turns out to be berries and fruit like 'in The Lord of the rings' so finally I'm like we have to get our stuff out of the cab I think his name was Janos.

So we leave and one guy tells me to get an agent bc I look like someone famous and then I'm on a train I think with Natalie and we are at our stop and my yarn is everywhere and I'm gathering it and I can't find her. Then we are in a room in a nice house and dressed like the 30s and she (who is now Natalie and ek) says she is staying to marry some old man and I'm like are you sure? Then I'm home with Juan at my moms and they are mad at me and Juan's like 'don't forget we need wetsuits!'

Then I'm getting the stuff out of the cab finally and I hear a narrator say '24 hours later we finally got our stuff from Janos' cab. I never thought I would be the last person to see someone before they die. I left the trunk a little open since it was empty..' Then a tow truck barrels through and hits another car and a tire comes rolling down hops over the car lands in the trunk of the cab and all the cars explode.

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