How do you hang out? Music Video Edition

Lately I've been thinking (and my brother Kincade brought this up today on Facebook actually) about what my parents did for the five years they were married before they had kids. I know that people in the 70s filled their time... but what did they fill it with? My mom sewed curtains, my dad weirdly liked to make rugs (like this, so weird). What do you do with your sig-o when you're just home alone? I mean besiiides making out, obviously. For JCPE's birthday we (Vic, Evelyn and the parents) bought him an Ipad. I feel pretty confident that it's one of his top 5 birthday gifts EVER. He loooves it. It's so adorably organized and well cared for. There are a bunch of things that two people can do on an ipad and when we're not playing Yahtzee we're watching music videos. JCPE discovered the VEVO app and for the actually unbelievable price of free you can watch every music video EVER! No Doubt fans do you remember when we bought the Boom Box for like $50 (click that link you can get it for $8!) ? I had to get mine on ebay because the stores all ran out, my mom got into a fight with someone at the Union Square Virgin Megastore (now a very fancy Citibank for you youngsters) because they didn't have it. The idea that we could watch ALL the No Doubt videos on DVD was so so exciting! Oh the past, you were adorable. Below are our new favorite videos! And for the best guitar solo ever: Technical question: Did she die from rain or all that smoking? I remember seeing this before I ever smoked and thinking OMG I DO NOT want to smoke on my wedding day! So gross! So happy I quit for a zillion reasons but right now most of all because my wedding dress doesn't smell like ass!
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