Hi Mom!

I'm talking to you on the phone right now. I love you so much.

I wish we had more time together. I really think that there is a chance we will love close to each other someday. Maybe when JCPE and I have kids we can work something out. I hate being so far from you. I can't wait to work with you to plan our reception in Las Vegas!

I am so lucky to have such a wonderful mother who has always supported me unconditionally in all the crazy things that I do! Thank you for letting us do this additional crazy thing! I know you understand, with all the pressure of getting married we wanted to nip it in the bud and just spend our time with friends and family celebrating as work-free and stress-free as possible!

I feel like out of all my people you are the one who will understand this the most. I think at some point I thought that I wanted a big wedding, did I dress up like a bride? I don't really think so. Eventually those dreams became blurred and I just couldn't see myself in a huge wedding gown. Not this face, not me, it doesn't feel like me. I think you might know that already.

So here I am, doing the most crazy thing that I've ever done, and I'm only able to do it because I have so much love from the most amazing family ever.

Thank you for giving me the courage to be myself. Thank you for loving me so much that  you let me go 10 years ago secure in the knowledge that I was never really that far away.

I love you. Be safe & I will too.
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