Happy Birthday Julia Hanes!!

Today is my bff Julia Hanes' birthday!! Since it's March, and this website isn't live yet Julia won't know about this fabulous birthday gift until May... but better late than never!

Julia for your 29th birthday you DO NOT have to be a bridesmaid!!!!! You. Are. Welcome!!!! No dress you won't really like, no hanging out and doing girlie things that you hate! No sitting next to me and writing down who gave me gifts as I open them in front of a crowd! No speeches! No entrances! Woooo hoooo!!! While I legit love being a bridesmaid and I know that you'd be happy to be one for me, I think it's one of the big benefits of having a bestie who chooses to elope! We will celebrate together for sure but you're off the hook for all the other stuff!

woo hooo!
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