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Is it up top? The fact that I'm not-so-tech-saaaaavy mixed with the fact that I can't actually see this website I can only post to the nothingness... Anyway a friend said hi today and I sent it to JCPE and he asked me to put it in the guestbook but how do I DO that! If I ask another technical question I think he might murder me. I've surpassed my limit for 2011 and it's only February Eeeeeeek.

So find the guestbook, sign it and come back and pretend this is the first entry (also pretend this is formatted like this on purpose):

Baron: engaged?
and congrats
i guess i have to invent a word
me: thanks! I'm going to forget you said gross and tell Juan you said congrats!
Sent at 11:25 AM on Friday
Baron: no no
tell him i said gross
he'll laugh
he's a guy, he won't cry about it like you
women! pssht
Sent at 11:27 AM on Friday
me: It's true that i've been at my desk weeping since you said that
eating chocolate
Baron: don't do that
you'll get ugly
and the wedding will be off!
me: hahaha oh god
I have been talking about letting myself go... but I guess I'll wait until after the actual wedding
Baron: oh yeah
you snagged a man
tricked him
finagled him
fooled him
into a marriage
cuz you were getting up there
once you get married
let it all out
trying isn't something you have to worry about anymore
me: exactly
I'm going to quit my job and start watching general hospital
Baron: american dream

Baron's on TV, watch Fairly Legal on USA please.

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