Goodbye old friend.

My kindle died. I loved my Kindle with all my heart. 

Since the fall of 2010 I read more than I had read in years. After grad-school I kind of took a break from reading for pleasure - I tried but books were heavy and I was always forgetting them and always carrying more than one and it was annoying. I bought a Kindle for Stratton and then bought one for myself soon after. Yesterday when my Kindle screen broke I handed it to my coworker and he said - well I can tell you one thing - this Kindle was well loved. 


In the past few years I've read tons of Stephen King, the Hunger Games trilogy - twice, All of the Harry Potters, books my friends wrote, books on being a better wife, a better employee, a harder worker. I read The Jungle, books on Atheism, books on Jesus, books on war, Peter Pan fan fiction, books on serial killers, I joined a book club, I read books from my childhood - The Westing Game, Flowers for Algernon.  

I loved my Kindle because my Kindle made me love reading again. 

I bought a new one - it will arrive soon - and the journey can start all over again.  

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