Going going back back to DC DC

I'm so happy to be back at RootsCamp (#roots13) for a 4th time! 

For the first time in sort of ever I'm involved in something amazing that I truly believe in - I'm at NationBuilder - I'm fundraising for the Millennial Train - all of a sudden I'm realizing that the coolest thing about what I'm doing is the PEOPLE and the stories that they share. I want to meet everyone.

The first few years I was at RootsCamp I had this thought like - it was me against people who knew so much more than I did. So many talented people there who had amazing experiences. I was nervous and felt like I didn't have anything to contribute. I want to learn from everyone.

This time for the first time I realize that the purpose of all of this is to listen. I can't wait to hear the stories of everyone I meet at RootsCamp this year! I want to talk to everyone. 

See you all bright and early!!


(if I don't see you feel free to join me on Monday Night for happy hour! Info HERE)

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