And like clockwork every time I get a little worried I do another random thing that we need! Like this! Look I bought $50 worth of silk flowers on! I. Am. Stoked. Considering I madeĀ  a ton of pineapple marmalade this weekend that I'm pretty sure JCPE and I aren't going to eat I am in desperate need of a new hobby! (AND in desperate need to cut corners and stop spending my money! I have a weakness - it is called - food)

So I either bought a TON of flowers or not enough! I pretty much do a decent amount of googling and trust reviews. afloral is the 2011 Bride's Choice by Wedding Wire and that's good enough for me! I'll even use some on the decorations and the Just Married sign that I'm making!


[also, I know blogs without pictures are mad-boring... I'll try to do pics from now on!]
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