ENGAGED!!!! (omg, really?)


Ok, I've calmed down a bit after a crazy crazy weekend! Chronological readers are thinking something like 'wait, what? What have I been reading? You were secretly engaged this whole time, right?" I KNOW!!! Like, technically yes, a year ago we decided to get married. So secretly I thought we WERE engaged, and we were, of course. Very in love and planning a wedding. Then (see previous post) JCPE surprised me with the most romantic engagement I have ever ever seen! I'm thrilled, but this changes the game a little, doesn't it?

Now that everyone knows here are the things that are different.

  • EVERYONE KNOWS!!!!!!!!! ahhhhh yay!!! hi!! wooo!!

I am so so happy that we're doing it this way. Everyone already has a zillion questions, and I'm a bit overwhelmed. Luckily we're still committed to keeping this as simple as possible. While I think we're going to have to push the party a bit back I'm really thrilled that the ceremony will remain private.
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