ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!! OMG

Um. I really thought we were going to go from 0-60!

Here's the email update I sent around more to come:

HI Ladies!

I'm finally settling down a little bit after Friday!! I promised details so here they are! For the record I feel totally different and all I could say over and over on Friday was 'I can't believe you just DID that!!'

Thursday afternoon my co-worker Sinead (and sort of the lead assistant, so technically my boss) asked me to go to the MoMA for her to look at an event space Friday morning because she was going to Florida to see her in-laws. I didn't think that was weird at all, she said to go at 9am and meet a girl Olivia and get some paperwork for a dinner Sinead was planning for the firm's partners... In the back of my mind I had a few questions... like... where does the food come from? Who has a dinner in the MoMA? Why is Sinead so excited for my weekend away? but she's the boss and I was like ok whatever she wants that's fine. Juan and I have a friend, Elizabeth Mercante who works at the MoMA and I even went as far as to look up Olivia on Facebook and see if her and Elizabeth were friends (they are) and STILL not tipped off that that was weird!

So Juan told me we were going away on a surprise Friday a while ago and I figured we were driving to Cos Cob Connecticut where we had gone a few times before... Thurs night he was like, let's pack the suitcase and actually I need you to meet me at Penn Station at like 6. I was thinking 'what? where can we take a train to at 6 and still go out?' but I figured it was fine, and I didn't want to pry and ruin the surprise!

So in the morning Juan leaves early and I'm totally up, I exercised, I watched an episode of Fairly Legal, I was like cool today's pretty good so far! I got to work for a few minutes to check in then grabbed my stuff and went to the MoMA. I signed in at the admin offices and the security guard was like, wait here for Olivia and good luck! And I STILL didn't think that was weird! So Olivia comes down and she's holding papers and her phone (which she was secretly using to text juan!) and we start walking and she's like, so here's the cocktail hour space, and then you walk through the galleries and I'm thinking 'wow, being a partner at at hedge fund is awesome because you get to eat dinner in the middle of a gallery!' hahaha

So then we turn a corner and Juan's standing there and I was like 'what's going on? what's going on? What's happening!' All I really remember is Mercante's camera clicking (hopefully we see those pics soon!!!) Juan got down on one knee and I said yes! Yay!!! We walked around for a bit, Mercante took pictures and then we went to brunch at a place by my office. I literally had NO idea this was going to happen! NO idea!

Juan had planned it so I would go back to work because he knew I wanted to be near a computer to tell everyone (duh)! At 1:30 I left work and we went on a Norwegian Cruise out to sea for just the night! It was awesome, we went dancing, we went to a show, we had a great dinner and we were home by 9:30! Most intense 24 hours everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!
Anyway that's as girly as I get! We're holding off planning for a bit until Juan finishes making his movie at the end of April! So for now I'm really loving being engaged and I will keep everyone in the wedding loop!
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