Dreams of 9/11 and Credit Cards

Many times in my dreams I can't figure out pieces of technology - sometimes I'll lose my iphone and have to use a back up flip phone and I have a really hard time finding my contacts and I feel like I'm missing something. I'm also often at a small airport about to head overseas. 

Last night I had my ID in my pocket and got through security - I was going to Europe but had to fly NYC > Seattle first for a layover. I realized that I didn't have my wallet and I kept thinking about myself in Europe with no money. So I was trying to call and email everyone at my office to have them mail my wallet to my hotel in Paris... I think now that it was Paris. I was using a computer I wasn't familiar with and trying to write the email and putting in email addresses of people from the hedge fund I worked at with @stern.nyu.edu email addresses. Then when I finally got the message out I got tons of replies from people who were willing to help - and found my wallet in my purse right away. 

The night before I was on the 19th floor of one of the Twin Towers and I knew what was happening and I kept trying to get down - the elevator was the only way and it was safe even though I kept thinking 'I know there are fire balls in the elevators' then I'd be on the ground yelling 'I know these are going to fall! We have to get out of here we have to run!' Juan recently read the 9/11 Commission Report and while he spared me a lot of details he did tell me about a group in Tower 2 who came down and then were told to go back up that they'd be safer inside - and they all died. 

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