Dreams I had that would be good movies

Ok. shit has been real. 

- Lots and lots of elevators that go to different floors from different floors --- like you can only get from 8 to 12 on one bank and from 11 to 16 on another

- A house that Juan & I bought and the old owners left some totally casual stuff - like a few dishes -- and we were having a party and everyone was talking pictures and selfies and in all the pictures the word KILLER was carved into our cheeks. Sometimes it was longer like KILLLLER but everyone had it. 

- I was at another party and someone stole someone else's hat and they started shooting people in the head - and I said 'Don't shoot me I have a baby!' and I scooped up Flo and ran with her - and and a ton of issue with the elevators not letting me get to the ground

- lots of the same NYU Campus but being both huge and small at the same time

- Swimming with Juan and another couple and the other woman didn't have a nose and her husband was really mad at her and I gave her goggles with a nose part to make her feel better

- I spend lots of time in a thing that is too had to get out of - like a room that you can only get out of by squeezing through a small crevice

- Teens hanging out with a guy and they didn't know how old he was - and they had this picture of NYC and poured something on it and I watched the twin towers fall and be built backwards and they could find out he was born in the 60s  - but he had been stuck in this cave with their father when they were young but the dad escaped and became old but this guy was trapped and never aged. 

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