CSA Week 1

So JCPE and I are enjoying a romantic evening at home watching "Machete" a totally ridiculous movie where the LEAST believable thing is tied between Jessica Alba having any ability to pronounce words en Espanol with an accent and someone allowing Jessica Alba to be a federal agent (and seriously, Steven Segal has an accent in this movie and I'm pretty sure they just crucified Cheech).

More importantly we just had a nice dinner.

We went from having ZERO foods, I was home sick last week and had tuna and pasta for breakfast, that's how bad it was. To having SO MUCH food! I got an awesome order of base ingredients from Fresh Direct in anticipation of the CSA starting today! I didn't take a picture of everything because it was all in separate bags. I didn't know how it worked but now that I know I'm just going to bring one reusable bag and put everything in it!

The list for this week went as such:

1 lettuce
1 lb of greens (mixed varieties in separate bins)
5 radishes mixed colors
2 garlic
8 garlic scapes
4 spring onions
3 beets

The most exciting thing being Garlic Scapes:

Did I live a sheltered life or are there new vegetables? I have an amazing Mom and I had an amazing childhood full of backyard gardens and fresh veggies. I think I heard of kale like, a year ago. And Garlic Scapes?! This was the first time I'd heard the word scape!

The CSA was in an alternate location today than usual but it worked fine for me! Several bins lined some tables and each was labeled with how many you could take. I dug deep into the piles and picked out beautifully purple beets, red radishes and the whitest green garlic I had ever seen! The lettuce is huge the greens are kale and swiss chard in beautiful reds and oranges (anyone want to help the 'get Taylor an awesome camera fund' going?)

The scapes though, they were the most beautiful. They're soft and smooth and smell very faintly of garlic. I'm going to make them into a pesto and saute them and put them in salads (which, I only eat with lemon juice, dressing is overrated) I hope we get more next week and I haven't even tried them yet! Tonight's salad (that accompanied a curry I made with seasoning from Urban Accents) was lettuce with radishes and a left over cucumber from this weekend's water (ha!) with a spring onion. Amazingly fresh and delicious!

Tune in as I get increasingly better at photographing and increasingly sick of kale.
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