Christmas Tree is up!

For the first time ever I own my very own grown-up tree! For a while we had a little mini hot-green tree that I would move around the house at Christmas time. We kept it in the shed (aka the Temple of Doom) and bad things happened to it. Bad things happen back there. Traumatizing things that involve unidentified sticky. So when we registered for things when we got married I wanted to make sure that I added a Christmas tree to the list. I like fake trees, they make more sense than a yearly tree-murder and they seem less likely to catch on fire.

We have a small space so we registered for a corner tree from treetopia (thanks to Amazon's universal registry). It came in it's own tree-bag... and it's fantastic!


The Friday after Thanksgiving we had the family over to put it up. We have been really missing our families recently, we are so lucky to have such awesome people in our lives and we want to see them more. MUCH more than we have these past few years!

I had to go to work for a few hours, but I got home in time to put the crock pot on to make some spinach artichoke dip (found HERE - next time I'll roast the jalapenos and add a t of salt... I used cream cheese instead of mayo) Then JCPE's parents, his brother and his wife, his cousin and her husband and baby and another cousin stopped by! Having a baby in the house was hilarious! He turned 1 in September and effectively tested out the child-proofing of my home (it's not at all child proof). At one point JCPE was in the bathroom washing his hands and the baby was sitting in the shower hilarious.

The whole family helped to put together the tree! Which is probably the best idea ever and kept JCPE and I from murdering each other (I'm not great with directions). JCPE's mama bought us a great assortment of 'starter' ornaments from Costco and we mixed them in with the 6 or so that we had already. Note the disco ball in the middle! It's the funnest.

We then went out to our favorite restaurant, Vesta (where we are actually going again tonight with our friends Amy & Xin). JCPE's cousin and I left early to give the baby a bath in our kitchen sink! Cute.

It was great! We wish you all a very Merry Christmas from our family to yours!!
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