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[ 4 Jan 2013 | No Comment ]

I had an etsy shop years ago and I closed it because I felt terrible about myself but I’m back! I’ve been having SO MUCH fun making these bows and hats the past few weeks. I think they are really something different that can spice up your daily routine and also any fancy events! I’ve worn them to holiday parties & out shopping!
Below are some fun ways that I’ve worn them! If you pick one up let me know how you wear yours!

Agnes used hers to make a christmas tree …

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[ 19 Dec 2012 | 7 Comments ]

We wish you a wonderful holiday season with your friends & family!
We spent Thanksgiving in Las Vegas with the Stirek family and will be spending Christmas in Williamsburg, VA with the Pineiros.  Plans are to ring in 2013 low-key here in Astoria.
Juan is a few weeks away from finishing his second feature film. Taylor is currently looking for a full-time positon in non-profit or
political organizing in Los Angeles! We are planning to move in mid February!
If you are in NYC let’s make sure that we get together before we …

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[ 3 Dec 2012 | 3 Comments ]
Pretttttty bird!

I started a rumor last week when I started gushing about how much we love LA on Facebook. The truth is, we DO love it there and we DO plan to move in the next few months!! Logistics are just the first piece of the puzzle (driving, cars, apartments, jobs so much to do!) First, look how pretty it is:

We’ve been wanting to move for a long time. We’ve talked about LA and then Austin and then back to LA. The west coast makes the most sense for JCPE with …

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[ 20 May 2012 | No Comment ]

Awhile back in November 2005 Taylor, Nicole, and I hung out. I don’t think up until that point I had ever been more than a frenemy to her. We talked and joked around for the first time. Perhaps I was a little less intense than usual. I’m not really sure, but instead of hating my guts, we actually became friends. Up until now I thought there were no recorded pictures from that night. Strangely enough though, I found two images from my Palm Treo. There are ultra grainy, yet kind …

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[ 30 Apr 2012 | No Comment ]
Wedding Day

Happy Anniversary to US!
I spent today looking at some of the posts on this site, something that I haven’t done in a long while. It was nice to look back on all that we went through this crazy year! It was even nicer to be reminded of how lovely our wedding day was. I totally forgot that we had this video of our vows HERE.
From the evening on April 30, 2011 where we were tired and excited and scared that our friends would never forgive us and the website failing …

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[ 27 Mar 2012 | No Comment ]

I took this picture in our neighborhood and I’m obsessed with it! I made it all my backgrounds and spent a considerable amount of time last night trying to figure out how to get it printed on pillows!
Happy Spring! 

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[ 23 Dec 2011 | No Comment ]

Merry Christmas Friends & Family!
Well Christmas is this weekend and boy am I glad that we started our e-holiday card tradition last year so people know what to expect this year!
On December 31, 2010 Juan Carlos and I spent a quiet New Year’s Eve at home. We also made the first of many wedding planning phone calls. Juan Carlos was on the phone and I remember very clearly watching him from the kitchen, hands clasped together smiling from ear to ear with my brand new ‘we’re really doing this’ smile.
We …

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[ 8 Jan 2011 | Comments Off ]

Yes, we’re totally serious. We eloped. Crazy, right? Don’t worry we didn’t tell anybody! I know, I know we wanted to have you there with us too, and we WILL call you! This is just the easiest way to let everyone know at the same time! About a year ago we made the decision that we wanted to have our special day be just for Taylor and I. The more weddings we attended the more we thought, man this just doesn’t feel like US, and yet we really want to …

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[ 7 Jan 2011 | 2 Comments ]

We got married on a water taxi in front of the Statue of Liberty! That same Statue that welcomed millions to this great country welcomed us to our new life!

We recommend our officiant, Celia Milton without hesitation. She is registered in New York and New Jersey and you can learn more about her HERE.

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[ 6 Jan 2011 | No Comment ]

Bajito y suavecito and bad feng shui combine to create a pavillion in the desert that both contrasts and complements its desert location. The house is rooted in modernism, but details are both structural and ornamental with hearts and flowers everywhere. . . and all in shades of black. Chrome columns rise from the dirt to support a ceiling plane with thousands of mirror tiles on the underside. The building includes hand made light fixtures, custom cast block and wrought iron screens, and …