Bridesmaids* (& a trip to Vegas)

Last week I flew (half successfully, as in, if you cry you get free drinks!) to Las Vegas for Indika and John's wedding! A mere five years ago they came to visit New York and John and I plotted for an engagement on a rowboat in central park! Several cross country moves and two beautiful daughters later it was finally time for them to officially tie the knot!

I've been a bridesmaid four times now and every time is an insanely different experience. At Annie's wedding I was only 19 and even less capable of handling free champagne as I am today! Christiana's was a small affair with a view of the statue of liberty and a few family and friends (the most similar to mine, actually). Loni's was a batshit crazy Jersey fiesta of nutso that ended up being awesome, but involved the most tears. Finally, for Indika's wedding I had the absolute least to do and a dress that I'm going to wear again, so therefore the best time.

I've never been a Maid of Honor but if I were to be I'd want to emulate Crystal and her awesome ability to be on top of everything. My sister and I nabbed a few of Crystal's "Bachelorette Party Recovery Kits" full of advil, mints, lotion, coffee, shower salts (it's a thing) socks, lip gloss and a ton of other fun goodies. I actually had to check my bag on the way home because I didn't want to abandon all the lotion (and spray on hoes) that I got as gifts.

The wedding was beautiful! Indika looked phenomenal, as always. I love how as people we pair ourselves off in such interesting ways. I'm a firm believer that JCPE and I match, we're both little and brown. Indika and John are both ripped and blonde. I get genuine heart flutters when I think of my friends finding the loves of their lives. I also love so much that we have been friends for so long that my family was invited to the wedding. Thank you so much Indika and John for such a great wedding!

Also, I can't wait to see all the pictures! I never want to see the video because I realized I practiced my ONE joke with the videographer while we were taking pictures then used it in my speech! Ugh! So now I'm in the the video twice saying almost the exact same thing! I planned that poorly.

Now that we've been home there are a few ideas floating around for our December reception in Vegas. It's going to probably be a house party, it WILL involve dancing. There will be a speech by my one bridesmaid, Blair. More info and an actual date coming soon!

The big thing is, this time I found myself LOVING Las Vegas. I love that you get to wear heels everywhere because you're not walking a zillion miles. In vegas if you're not wearing heels and earrings you're wearing pajama pants, platforms and huge sunglasses. Basically, everyone looks awesome. I love that you always know what direction you're going in because you can see the mountains so it's impossible to get lost. I love that I went house hunting with my sister to look at houses that were all so far under 80K it made my head spin.

I miss my family. I miss my mom and my dad and all three of my brothers (even you, Decker). I miss Indika and Crystal and Annie and Jasen. I need to learn to drive.

I hear the west coast calling my name.

* IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN BRIDESMAIDS YOU NEED TO GO LIKE, RIGHT NOW. I have never laughed so hard in the theater ever in my life!

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