Being pregnant makes me a little mean - mostly I hate faces.

Twice so far I've flat out refused to be near people because I hate their faces. WHAT!? That is SO MEAN - what kind of person does that? Once in San Jose a group of friends were walking and met friends I didn't know and one of them totally hit me the wrong way and I literally went to a restaurant and got a table that wouldn't fit him and said oh - sorry. He was a fine looking person but to me he looked like the Flukeman from X-Files. I just googled it - I don't know why I would do that! I threw up already today.

THEN on my flight home from DC this week there was a guy at the gate and I just KNEW I would have to sit next to him - his face was a little - oh he had some acne - and he had this greasy Chinese food and I knew I couldn't sit next to him. He sat down before me and I bee lined for the back of the plane and started to cry. 

I just want to say that I'm sorry perfectly nice gentlemen who are perfectly fine looking. I know I didn't say to your face that I didn't like it - but I didn't like it just because it existed - and that's totally fucked up.

In possibly related news I feel horrible.

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