Are You Serious?

Yes, we're totally serious. We eloped. Crazy, right? Don't worry we didn't tell anybody! I know, I know we wanted to have you there with us too, and we WILL call you! This is just the easiest way to let everyone know at the same time! About a year ago we made the decision that we wanted to have our special day be just for Taylor and I. The more weddings we attended the more we thought, man this just doesn't feel like US, and yet we really want to BE married. Then we had an epiphany, we can do it any way we want! So we did what felt right, and had a private ceremony and a secret honeymoon!

Taylor has been blogging for the past 5ish months so check out the archives to get a sense of the journey! Inside you'll learn exciting things like the evolution of "Team Pineiro," decor and clothing decisions and most importantly  how someone planning a wedding can STILL be SO SO surprised by an engagement!

We're looking forward to telling everyone and celebrating together!

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