Are we really doing this?


I looked over these blogs the other day and I'm a bit concerned that you are all going to see it as just girl drivel about shoes (there's a lot about shoes). I beg you to take into account that the only two people that I can talk to about this are JCPE and my therapist. Literally, my therapist the other day was like, you can call me anytime... because she can see the pressure getting to me... probably because I was laying sideways in my chair with my head back and my hands pressed against my eyes for 45 minutes on Tuesday. Maybe that.

I'm also concerned with the terminology of a 'real' wedding. I'm fond of saying 'when I grow up I want to...' Like, when I grow up I want to marry JCPE! Well, I have like 16 days. And I often want to say... Well if this was a 'real' wedding I'd be talking about clothes with my girlfriends and not just to a blog that isn't alive yet...

Well enough of that, Taylor. This is a real as it gets! REAL WEDDING. OUR WEDDING. Just the way we want it. Team Pineiro might legit break down before the 30th, but we'll make it! When April started JCPE was like... well... the days are going to happen. Time is going to happen. There is nothing we can do... haha which is true. Communication between the two parties is strong. Home base is strong, things are organized into piles, gifts are in the mail... clothes for the most part fit.

Now onto the next part. The rest of our lives part. It's totally normal to be freaking out a bit before a wedding, it's clearly additional stress on an already stressful life. It's scary. I've thought for years and years that I wanted to be with JCPE forever, and here we are. Forever starts pretty soon, but honestly it started a while ago. I don't expect this to be super simple and easy, but I'm ready for the challenge.

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