This is what I looked like after 2 hours on a horse (95% of the time I was ok, 5% of the time, I cried)

If I thought eloping was hard while I was doing it I wasn't really prepared for how lonely it would be once it was all over. I genuinely thought that people would want to know what had happened, that they would reach out and want to talk about it! I'm here and I WANT to talk about it! I love answering questions and telling funny stories about the process! But, for the most part, it's been not only radio silence but the weird feeling that the topic is being avoided.

This, I think is sad. It makes me sad. I've kept this process to myself for so long and now that I'm aching to talk about it there haven't been any opportunities. JCPE is trying to make me feel better... he's totally right, we did this usually public thing very privately and I guess that just takes a while to understand that it was about me and JCPE, but our entire life going forward is about our friends and family and each other and everyone working and celebrating and living this life together. What we did doesn't at all mean that we don't want to share our life with our loved ones.

I think it will just take some time. I'll keep encouraging people to read the blog (because the answers to all the questions really are here) and once we send some save the dates for our celebrations in NY and Las Vegas maybe that will encourage people to want to talk about it, and it will feel more real!  I hope so, because I'm SO HAPPY and I want to share that with everyone!

Evelyn, I can't wait to see you!

Jamie and Belinda it was great skyping with you last night! The only future technology that really terrifies me is the prolific use of video chat, I'll need a production designer for my life!

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