A Woman's Work is Never Done

Last night I pickled and canned for the first time. It went like this... I make homemade soup for JCPE all the time. He calls it peasant soup since there is no recipe, it's just literally whatever we have in the kitchen thrown in a pot to simmer for a while. Any veggies fresh or frozen, maybe some beans, maybe some cous cous really whatever. I also add a few bullion cubes for flavor but they have SO much sodium and they feel creepy and fake to me all of a sudden.

So, I decided to make veggie stock so we promptly went to costco where I bought 10lbs of carrots, 5 lbs of Celery and onions and peppers and cucumbers and sweet potatoes and 20 tubes of chapstick. I made all the stock I could, I made carrot bread, I roasted I steamed I boiled, I added to pasta sauce I did everything I could and still had a ton left. So I bought all the materials for canning (which, isn't easy... we went to Ikea and Target and finally had to order from Amazon and they sent FedEx AND UPS which are both impossible. They never knock and they won't leave anything at apartments... soooo why do you exist as a company?)

Last night after phonebanking with MYD I arrived home to find all my tools in place (and most of the ingredients? I'm a tad worried that pickling is more of a science than I'm used to... since my rule of thumb in the kitchen is to make stuff up). Anyway! They're in there with peppers and garlic and dill and vinegar and the cans sealed! I was so worried that I would have the little 'pop' in the morning when they were cold but it wasn't there! Sealed in! Now my carrots are in the cabinet over the fridge, dark and cold, to wait out the next three weeks before we can eat them!

Of all the things I do and I want and I feel for my marriage one thing that I cannot deny is my uncompromising urge to cook food for JCPE. I want to do things like go out of my way to make veggie stock so that the soup I make will be healthy for him.

In return JCPE makes the phone calls that I get nervous making. He asked Target about the canning stuff, he called the Intrepid, he orders take out over the phone because I can't handle it.

I guess it took all that to get to the point that I love that I know he'd just eat ramen without me and he knows I hate talking on the phone. So we look out for each other.

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