A Taylor By Any Other Name

That's me! How old was I in that picture? 2? However old I was I was really proud that I could do things myself! I'm also proud to say that 27ish years later I still don't need glasses but every once in a while I fake it for fashion's sake!

I'm changing my name.

I'm adding the P and keeping the TVS, so I'll have four names. JCPE has four... why can't I? I can. I can do whatever I want, technically.

But I'm going by TP, officially.

I have always, always wanted to do this. I have expected to since I was very young, I don't think I even flirted with not changing my name. I think it is important to understand that name changes are a big deal, they take a long time, they're expensive ($10 a pop for 'official' copies, of which you need a zillion, ugh) and there is a lot of ground to cover (think of all the things you can't do when your ID doesn't match your cc). If it's what you want I suggest jumping in with two feet, or head first, or just diving gracefully into it!

I understand not wanting to do it. Especially now, when I've developed a branded TS life. I had to change my twitter and my website will eventually change too. I understand being angry that the girl always is the one to change her name, that makes some women feel that they are being treated unfairly by tradition. The idea that the tradition of taking on the family name of your husband would hurt you, hurts my heart. Literally, I'm sitting here and my heart aches a little. It might not have been a choice in the past, but it is a choice now. Couples who choose to spend their lives together get to pick and choose the traditions they want (Christmas tree. You betcha. Nativity? Not so much.) and I think it is beyond exciting to be at the doorstep of a life together. I'm excited and grateful, every day. I choose this tradition.

The women in my family do this: They ditch their middle name, scoot the maiden name over, and add the married name. Then later they give one or two of their children the maiden name as a middle name. For example, I am First Name, Grandma's First Name, Last Name... my sister is First Name, Mom's Maiden Name, Last Name. So Blair got the Finch in her name. A name that she plans to pass on to her children, a name that I would also like to pass onto mine in some way.

The women and men in JCPE's family do this: The children are given a first middle and last name, then when they are older they are given the choice to add the Mother's Maiden Name to the end of their name. That's why he's JCPE (while his brother's name ends in P, he didn't add on the E). The P is his last name, which is why it's now mine. The E is his mom's maiden... are you with me? So our children will be P's growing up and when they are old enough they can be PS's if they want.

Isn't that cool? There are a lot of choices.

The #1 reason that I changed my name is because I am starting a family. This is a family. It's little, family for 2 please! It will grow (nooot anytime soon, simmer down) and to me having that name is so important.

I know who I am. I am Taylor Victoria Stirek Pineiro, I am also a Finch, a Bisch, a Pomajbo, a Gralla and generations of family names that come from many different countries and backgrounds. I represent a long line of women that loved and were loved strong enough to start their own beautiful family, it's my turn.
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