660 Curries [Updated!]

This year I guess an un-said resolution is to cook more at home. I was cooking more when our CSA was in season but even then I'm not naturally a recipe follower. I'm more of a 'throw everything in a pot and see what happens' kind of cook. Luckily JCPE loves soup that's simply whatever veggies I have and some broth simmered for a while.

While exploring the crock pot I discovered some Indian recipes I wanted to try, the aforementioned Tikka Masala was awesome. I decided that if I wanted to get serious I should get a cook book, even JCPE supports buying physical cookbooks. Possibly the last physical books we'll ever buy. I'm happy to read anything on a kindle but there's something about carrying a cookbook around the kitchen and staining it was spices and wilting the pages as you cook furiously that make a physical cookbook irreplaceable.

I bought 660 Curries on Amazon. It's awesome but REALLY intimidating. I wanted to jump right in and the first two things I've made have been... just... Ok. The first, Cauliflower with onions and peppers was WAY too spicy. The second, toasted lentils was beautiful and I think it tasted just like it was supposed to... it just wasn't really our style.

I'm a terrible learner. I get really frustrated and sad if things don't work out the first time... but hello, there are 658 MORE curries in this book, and I only did ones with ingredients I happened to have... I need to step up my game so here's the plan for the weekend:

1 - make a list of ingredients to purchase (either online or at an Indian grocery)

2 - make my own spice blends

3 - make my own ghee (butter boiled twice, sort of)

4 - make my own ginger paste

Then I think I'll be at a better place to get started! Also, the book is huge and I feel like I keep flipping to the same pages over and over. I need some post-its but I also need a little guidance. I compiled a list of  'favorites' from the stellar Amazon reviews and will start there! Wish me luck!

The Amazon comments tell me to try:
kidney beans section
vaatli dal
Sambhar Masala
marinated roast lamb
South Indian curd rice
Pineapple Chutney and have it warm, over vanilla ice cream
Spicy Potatoes and Spinach with Blackened Chilis and Coconut Milk
Cauliflower and Potatoes in a blackened red chile sauce (Alur Phulkopir Jhol) on page 481
Ginger Chicken with Peanuts and Coconut
Yogurt-Marinated Lamb with Ginger and Garlic
Brown Lentils with Chunky Onions and Chilis
Cayenne-Spiked Cauliflower with an Onion-Tomato Sauce
Sweet Potato and Plantain in a sauce of fresh and roasted coconut
Chili-Spiked Eggplant with Lemongrass & Scallions


I made the Chicken Vindloo and it was Amaaaaaaaaazing!! I didn't even get a good pic because we ate it so fast!

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