2012 Here we come: Resolutions Inside

#1 Resolution is to stop typing 20120 - WHY do my fingers always add that extra 0? Am I preparing for some massive time travel? Eek I don't want to go that far! Will there be air? Will I have to leave Earth? I'm not going.

Resolutions are whatever you make of them. I might not do everything but I like the idea of making a list of goals. Last year it was to wear fancy shoes more often and I think I accomplished that goal! This year I'm going a little deeper:

Taylor's 2012

  • take better pictures

  • make some sort of an effort to learn Spanish

  • try to get my makeup on before I leave the house in the morning

  • go to the movies together every other week

  • dress like a flapper more often

  • spend more time with Victor & Evelyn* because we want to...

  • ... move to Austin!

  • complete our NYC Bucket List before we go**

  • **We're working on what exactly that means but to start we  went to the site of the 1964 world's fair in Queens! Fun fact: BOTH our dads went to this fair! We like to think that they saw each other as 11 year olds eating the first Belgium Waffles and thought 'hey, someday our kids are going to get married! See you in 2011 in Vegas!'


* Also because when we hang out with Victor and Evelyn awesome stuff like this happens:

It's a joke about an opera... an opera in Sanskrit about Gandhi. Golf claps to us for being really really pretentious for a minute!
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