Twitter feed in supporter nav!

Customizing websites is almost exactly like brain surgery - you work for hours and hours and poke one thing and maybe someone somewhere can change a font! At least it feels like it - I've been working hard on my Nation and hope that these little tips and tricks can help you along the way!

Today in custom theming - how to add a Twitter feed to your supporter nav (aka the right column) 

Step by Step

- Go to twitter > find the widgets > copy the html code for the widget 

- In your Nation go to websites > your nation > _columns_2.html > 

- Scroll down to the bottom 

- in grey it will say 'right column ends' ABOVE that and ABOVE the 'div' right above 'right column ends' paste the code from twitter


- Add the code from twitter in the _supporer_nav.html as well at the bottom above the end

That way it'll be there when people are logged in and when they're not!

Little Disclaimer

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