First day of the rest of my life

It's Monday. I don't have a job.

For the first time in an exceptionally long time I am going to be job searching without having a job to go to everyday. I am extraordinarily lucky to have spent the past few years at a place that gave me the chance to save a little so I can take some time to figure out what I want to do with the rest!

Mostly I'm worried about starving to death. Or finding a way to balance that fine line between not spending a lot of money on food and also being on Weight Watchers. I think I'm going to have a turkey corn dog and a pear for lunch.


The day actually started out pretty great. The very first thing I did was apply for a job at a company that I really love. Then I cleaned a little, visited the offices on the floor below (aka JCPE in the basement) and now I'm listening to classical musica on Spotify and answering emails. Today I'm going to paint a roof white and tomorrow I'm going to register voters in Herald Square.

Anyway, I'll keep you posted on this adventure! I'm really looking forward to what it will bring!!
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I get that a bunch of my friends are well, all different ages. I used to think age mattered so much, but I know now that it really doesn't. I learned so many things in my 20s that weren't really age-specific (other than that big 2-1) they were just experiences. Experiments in city living, friendship beginning and some really big friendships ending, finding the man I was going to marry right in my circle of friends all along, gaining a new beautiful family when I met his... They could have happened anytime but they happened in my 20s. I'll remember it as a decade of intense heartbreak and intense love. It was a very personal time. I will (try my hardest) to never regret where I am in my professional life. It happens when it happens... I've been growing every day.

I feel sometimes that I'm meant to be an old lady. Everything these days seems so rushed and I just want to slow down and enjoy it. I want to spend more time with JCPE, go for longer walks and grow a garden. I also am struck with the biggest wave of baby fever I have ever had. I want to be a young enough old lady to hang out with my grandkids for a while. I have some friends who are expecting their third and others who recently found out it would be impossible for them to conceive. I don't know what the future holds for us, but I know that I'm looking forward to new challenges.

Over Memorial Day weekend we stayed at a house in the Hamptons with friends, we had a lovely time. There was a large porch that overlooked a pool it just ASKED you to jump in it. We all politely agreed not to, then on the first night I'm napping (like I do) and I hear a splash and yelling and a lot of  "I CAN'T BELIEVE HE DID THAT!!" I mean I didn't have to be psychic to know who it was who jumped off first!

I was angry. I said things like 'Don't be dumb I need you!' then I thought to myself, self, you never do anything adventurous isn't that the root of your problem? Indeed. So I said, FINE you want to jump off second story balconies I'm going to too!! Everyone had left at this point, which was for the best because I needed 30 minutes to psych myself up. I jumped around, I made JCPE play 'Stronger' by Kelly Clarkston three times. I took off all my clothes stood on a ledge and screamed THIS IS A METAPHOR!! To his credit JCPE just looked at me in wonder and smiled the whole time. Finally, he had to go so that I could. My husband jumped off a ledge and I followed, nude, about 20 seconds before our friends walked in the door! Just in the nick of time! 

Aren't the good things often like that though?

You're ready when you're ready.

It happens when it happens.

As long as it happens.

And I think in my 30s it all will.

I'll start tomorrow. Happy almost Birthday to me!
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Old Photos from Our First Connection

Awhile back in November 2005 Taylor, Nicole, and I hung out. I don't think up until that point I had ever been more than a frenemy to her. We talked and joked around for the first time. Perhaps I was a little less intense than usual. I'm not really sure, but instead of hating my guts, we actually became friends. Up until now I thought there were no recorded pictures from that night. Strangely enough though, I found two images from my Palm Treo. There are ultra grainy, yet kind of cool that there is a postmark date on that first connection. Little did I know then...

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We made it to 1 year!

Happy Anniversary to US!

I spent today looking at some of the posts on this site, something that I haven't done in a long while. It was nice to look back on all that we went through this crazy year! It was even nicer to be reminded of how lovely our wedding day was. I totally forgot that we had this video of our vows HERE.

From the evening on April 30, 2011 where we were tired and excited and scared that our friends would never forgive us and the website failing to launch... to today when we've shared our joy with our friends and families across the country and have settled into married life, I continue to have zero regrets and only be so thrilled by our very special marriage. It remains the only thing that I think we've ever done that's completely our own, I am so grateful for that!

We saw Dave last week and we laughed about how we still have his fancy shoes in our apt (we 'let' him wear his sneakers to the ceremony) and how we can't believe it's been so long! Carissa texted me to tell me our wedding was her favorite, but shhh don't tell her friends that!

So grateful to have had such amazing people with us on that day! Thanks to the generosity of other good friends we are having a fancy dinner at the Modern restaurant tonight adjacent to where we were engaged.

Tonight we celebrate 6 years together and 1 year of marriage! Cheers & thank you for all of your support!

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White Roof Project BBQ on 5/6

Hope you can join us!

Please join us as we kickoff the summer with a BBQ in our favorite neighborhood, the Lower East Side!

Sunday May 6th

1pm – 5pm
11BC Community Garden
626 East 11th Street (Btwn B&C)

$10 suggested donation at the door, please RSVP via facebook HERE.

We will provide the food, drinks and white roof coating demonstrations!
Come learn about simple tangible change from WRP!


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Spring is here!

I took this picture in our neighborhood and I'm obsessed with it! I made it all my backgrounds and spent a considerable amount of time last night trying to figure out how to get it printed on pillows!

Happy Spring! 

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Valentine's Day Recap - one sad Taylor


I don't know why anyone uses Photoshop when clearly Paint can do everything that photoshop can! This is a simulated picture of me on V-day. I f-ed up and I'm still not over it.

JCPE is perfect. He bought me a beautiful necklace that says 'loved.' Holy hell am I lucky that I am because someone in my house is a hot mess right now (hint: it's me). I couldn't decide what to do... I was thinking I want to do something silly romantic, like the male equivalent of flowers! Then I thought oh! I'll get him actual flowers!

So the plan was three fold:

1. Wake up early and make breakfast
2. Have flowers come to his office in the middle of the day
3. Have a pizza party at home and watch Aliens

I got up at 6 and made him breakfast, that went over as well as it can when you're out of coffee and wake someone up who is confused and tired and force feed them eggs and hush puppies. Then I waited ALL day for the flowers to get to his office... finally at 6pm they arrived! Or so I thought! Actually some asshole in the building has my flowers. I don't even sort of understand. Either the delivery guy straight up lied about delivering them.... or he delivered them to what? Another person? Another floor? He just dropped them near the building and hoped for the best? Unacceptable on SO many levels.

I freaked out and shut down and took a nap, ruining all pizza party planning.

Luckily, twitter exists. I don't MEAN to exclusively complain on twitter... but it works. Often.  I tweeted something snarky to @1800flowers and within 55 minutes I had my money back and a $20 credit! After my first tweet they asked me to DM them... and my DM's were more like 'actually, I'm so sorry that you're at work tonight' 'Are you ok?' 'This is probably my fault' because I can't not-apologize or think everything is my fault.

We then proceeded to eat dominos picnic style in the living room. Not a bad end to a nail-biting day of flower delivery waiting, and I think he forgives me for not getting anything after all... I got him a cute card in spanish so that must be worth something.


1. Next time I'm going pro-flowers.
2. twitter is for lovers and complainers

We'll try again next year!

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Movie Date Night #2: The Muppet Movie

So! We saw this nearly 2 weeks ago and I have yet to comment on it! For shame. The best part of The Muppet Movie was that we went to see it on a Friday night before MLK weekend and it was PACKED. Regal Cinema put it in the smallest theater they had and it was packed to the gills. We had the seats right around the 'bend' so it was ammusing to watch couple after couple enter the theater and go "What the hell!?!" and then have to sit in the front. I enjoyed the movie. A friend who shall not be named wouldn't shut up about how much she loved it... then when I told her I was going to see it she told me that it wasn't that good. haha which was a good thing because I'm all about managing expectations. The absolute best part is when they track down Skeeter and he's working at Google and is on his way out the door to a TED conference. Of course he is, he's so cute. Musically, there was a terribly awful rap that I don't even want to think about ever again. The best song was just nominated for an Oscar & it's by Bret McKenzie! This is a terrible review, I apologize. I wrote 'best part' twice! omg I'm tired and I feel like I'm writing from the mind of someone much lamer than myself! This week's will be better!    
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660 Curries [Updated!]

This year I guess an un-said resolution is to cook more at home. I was cooking more when our CSA was in season but even then I'm not naturally a recipe follower. I'm more of a 'throw everything in a pot and see what happens' kind of cook. Luckily JCPE loves soup that's simply whatever veggies I have and some broth simmered for a while.

While exploring the crock pot I discovered some Indian recipes I wanted to try, the aforementioned Tikka Masala was awesome. I decided that if I wanted to get serious I should get a cook book, even JCPE supports buying physical cookbooks. Possibly the last physical books we'll ever buy. I'm happy to read anything on a kindle but there's something about carrying a cookbook around the kitchen and staining it was spices and wilting the pages as you cook furiously that make a physical cookbook irreplaceable.

I bought 660 Curries on Amazon. It's awesome but REALLY intimidating. I wanted to jump right in and the first two things I've made have been... just... Ok. The first, Cauliflower with onions and peppers was WAY too spicy. The second, toasted lentils was beautiful and I think it tasted just like it was supposed to... it just wasn't really our style.

I'm a terrible learner. I get really frustrated and sad if things don't work out the first time... but hello, there are 658 MORE curries in this book, and I only did ones with ingredients I happened to have... I need to step up my game so here's the plan for the weekend:

1 - make a list of ingredients to purchase (either online or at an Indian grocery)

2 - make my own spice blends

3 - make my own ghee (butter boiled twice, sort of)

4 - make my own ginger paste

Then I think I'll be at a better place to get started! Also, the book is huge and I feel like I keep flipping to the same pages over and over. I need some post-its but I also need a little guidance. I compiled a list of  'favorites' from the stellar Amazon reviews and will start there! Wish me luck!

The Amazon comments tell me to try:
kidney beans section
vaatli dal
Sambhar Masala
marinated roast lamb
South Indian curd rice
Pineapple Chutney and have it warm, over vanilla ice cream
Spicy Potatoes and Spinach with Blackened Chilis and Coconut Milk
Cauliflower and Potatoes in a blackened red chile sauce (Alur Phulkopir Jhol) on page 481
Ginger Chicken with Peanuts and Coconut
Yogurt-Marinated Lamb with Ginger and Garlic
Brown Lentils with Chunky Onions and Chilis
Cayenne-Spiked Cauliflower with an Onion-Tomato Sauce
Sweet Potato and Plantain in a sauce of fresh and roasted coconut
Chili-Spiked Eggplant with Lemongrass & Scallions


I made the Chicken Vindloo and it was Amaaaaaaaaazing!! I didn't even get a good pic because we ate it so fast!

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Patches, I'm depending on you son...*

I need a new hobby. I often think that I could have been really good at a lot of things... but something always stood in my way. Something of course being how terrible I feel about myself all the time. For a large part of my life I wanted to work in fashion and I worked a lot on my own making gifts for friends and teaching myself how to use the sewing machine. I had an etsy store for a little while but I was embarrassed about it. I wasn't a professional which is fine! But I was weird about it... and now homemade shabby chic is totally the jam. I let a few people with negative reactions really hurt my feelings and I just didn't want to continue, something was missing.

I had a food blog but I also got embarrassed about it, I had a personal blog and I shut it down. I feel halfway between ok and not ok all the time and I think that really held me back, sort of forever. I remember in elementary school there was this competition to go to Iceland for a science thing and I applied but didn't finish the application. Someone called my house and asked me to finish and I said I wasn't able to. What a weird thing for a 5th grader to do. I also remember very vividly wanting to win a trip to Space Camp (I KNOW and now I don't even believe in space!) and I just spent all my time hoping I would win. I think that's really telling about who I am and what I've done with my life. Working hard made me uncomfortable but I really just hope something awesome happens.

Sheesh. That's hard to talk about and makes me feel awful, but I think about it all the time... so here we are.

I guess what I'm saying is that even though I really feel like I can't possibly learn anything else... I have to keep learning. For real, and hard. If I don't push for it nothing is ever going to change. I make excuses to myself all the time like... hey! I got married before I was 30 to someone AWESOME! I make a good amount of money, I came to NYC with 4 boxes & a suitcase and now I have a home and a family here and that's awesome!

I need to work harder. This. Isn't. Enough. Not anymore. My husband gave me the confidence to do what I've done so far, I never would have joined any groups or met new people or changed jobs without his support. Now I need to give myself the confidence to do the rest.

Weird intro for a blog about taking an online course about patchwork huh?

I want to make a quilt, so I bought this online class this morning (even though I'm crazy busy right now, what is going on productivity and multi-multi-tasking)

I signed up through one of my new favorite sites Red Velvet.


* This is one of JCPE's favorite songs. On our first date we were standing in line to use the restroom in Central Park and he played it for me from his ipod.

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2012 Here we come: Resolutions Inside

#1 Resolution is to stop typing 20120 - WHY do my fingers always add that extra 0? Am I preparing for some massive time travel? Eek I don't want to go that far! Will there be air? Will I have to leave Earth? I'm not going.

Resolutions are whatever you make of them. I might not do everything but I like the idea of making a list of goals. Last year it was to wear fancy shoes more often and I think I accomplished that goal! This year I'm going a little deeper:

Taylor's 2012

  • take better pictures

  • make some sort of an effort to learn Spanish

  • try to get my makeup on before I leave the house in the morning

  • go to the movies together every other week

  • dress like a flapper more often

  • spend more time with Victor & Evelyn* because we want to...

  • ... move to Austin!

  • complete our NYC Bucket List before we go**

  • **We're working on what exactly that means but to start we  went to the site of the 1964 world's fair in Queens! Fun fact: BOTH our dads went to this fair! We like to think that they saw each other as 11 year olds eating the first Belgium Waffles and thought 'hey, someday our kids are going to get married! See you in 2011 in Vegas!'


* Also because when we hang out with Victor and Evelyn awesome stuff like this happens:

It's a joke about an opera... an opera in Sanskrit about Gandhi. Golf claps to us for being really really pretentious for a minute!
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Las Vegas Wedding Pictures + a story for my 14 year old daughter

Hello! Here they are the pictures from our Vegas wedding reception:

woo hoo! They're great. We had a great time dancing all night, that conga was really early.

My friend Lia took the pictures after I asked on Facebook if anyone was around to take pictures at the wedding for not-that-expensive. She did a great job!

Quick fun story that I love. Lia is the wife of my friend Josh... who was the first boyfriend I ever had, ever. In high school, for about 7 days. I think maybe we held hands once. Josh broke up with me on my answering machine, I don't even think that he did it I think his friend did. It sucked, obviously. I was super sad. But, as it happens when you are 15 I got over it quickly and Josh and I became friends and then facebook friends and then he joined the Air Force and married Lia and they have three beautiful kids and Lia and I became facebook friends and ta da, Lia took my wedding pictures.

I love it.
What an awesome circle to be a part of!

I can't wait to tell my daughter (someday) when she's sad about a dude. Growing up is awesome, you get to get married to someone awesome and so does everyone else! Fun.

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I made Chicken Tikka Masala!

And it tasted like Chicken Tikka Masala! I've been experimenting with Indian food and with my Slow Cooker and I found a few awesome recipes on Pintrest (which I also love and find it's a great place to store my recipes the things I've found there I've actually made, which is a miracle for internet food browsing).

The thing about Indian food is that you need to do a lot of shopping before you can get started. You can walk into any kitchen and make something taste Italian or Mexican or American by mixing a few spices together but Indian food is a while new ballgame. I went to Etsy for an Indian Spice starter kit from Purpose Designs, it's just what I needed!

So I wanted to use the slow cooker & make Indian, I found the perfect recipie on The Meal Planner (Via Pinterst of course)

Slow Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala

I had made the butter chicken a few weeks ago and it was ok but holy heck the Tikka Masala was amazing! It simmers for hours and the last step is to add the cream which makes it that creamy pinkish color! I even made the rice yellow with turmeric and added peas!

Check it:

mmmm hmmmm. I'm so excited to eat it again tomorrow!

Also please note I'm trying to take better picture. I'm camera shopping around as we speak!

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Movie Date Night #1: The Artist

We have a few resolutions for 2012, we started one a day early! We're going to go to the movies every other Friday for the entire year. That's 24 Fridays! I'm looking forward to seeing foreign films as well as blockbusters!

We started with the movie that I knew I was going to love from one view of the preview.

There are few things about me you should know:

- I love Singin' in the Rain
- I love the Charleston
- I love thinking that I might be able to someday do the Charleston
- I love dressing up

These aren't key to loving The Artist but they help!

There is a point in the middle of the Artist where half the theater has dozed off (someone I know may be included in that) because there really are no words. During that point I thought... well, this is nice, I don't know if I'd do it again but it's ok. Now that it's been over for 2 hours I'd like to go again. Now maybe. Can I watch it again now? Can I have it on in the background whilst I live? If you're halfway through and you're not sure if you want to continue please do, it's worth it the last half is amazing.

I seriously would like to go again right now.

The first scene the actors are waiting for an applause. So, naturally you as an audience member are also waiting. Is it happening? Was the movie well received? You wait... and then yes! There is applause! But not outloud, you only know it because the faces of the actors feel the applause. It's the first time that you go "oh, it's a silent picture... we're really doing this. ok, let's go"

Since marrying a filmmaker I'm no film critic but I'm more aware of nuances then ever. I can say stuff seriously like - I really loved the cinematography in The Artist. & mean in. I mean it. This film is absolutely beautiful. For having the least amount of dialogue possible The Artist is so moving and so full of emotion and love and heartache. I don't even feel like I was in a theater, I sort of feel like I was there.

Last week JCPE and I had drinks at Dutch Kills, JCPE asked the bartender for something bourbon based that was delicious. The bartender delivered the Don Lockwood.  It was delicious and I spent the rest of the night alternating between 'And I caaaaaaaaaaaan't stand it!' and 'Dignity, Always Dignity' in my head. (seriously just rent singin' in the rain). Well I suggest without hesitation re-naming that sucker the 'George Valentin' (that smile! Ladies, you'll swoon) at least for a year or so.

Hey Hollywood! This is a feel-good movie without the cheeseball. You just feel awesome watching it and awesome afterwards. You probably won't cry but you'll laugh out loud (there's a dog that does tricks!) and you won't leave disappointed.

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Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas Friends & Family!

Well Christmas is this weekend and boy am I glad that we started our e-holiday card tradition last year so people know what to expect this year!

On December 31, 2010 Juan Carlos and I spent a quiet New Year's Eve at home. We also made the first of many wedding planning phone calls. Juan Carlos was on the phone and I remember very clearly watching him from the kitchen, hands clasped together smiling from ear to ear with my brand new 'we're really doing this' smile.

We knew that 2011 would be a year of weddings for us, but the details were ahead of us. They didn't disappoint. In February Juan Carlos surprised me with a beautiful engagement at the Museum of Modern Art where we had had our first date. In April we were married and in October and December we were blessed to be able to celebrate our marriage with friends and family in New York and Las Vegas.

2011 deserves a special thank you to our parents Victor & Lily Pineiro and Mark & Bobbi Stirek. Throughout the entire year they have supported us and loved us and let us be ourselves. The celebration in Las Vegas was absolutely perfect, we had such an amazing time! We will be posting pictures to flickr soon, sign up and add me as a friend to see them all HERE!

Thank you to all of our friends for the tremendous outpouring of love and support for our marriage! The well wishes and the gifts have been overwhelming and we are so grateful for each and every one!

Professionally, Juan Carlos is in the midst of editing his second feature film Know How. He also recently joined the team at Aha Life and has been graphic and web designing for the past few months. He's really enjoying having a 9-5 (ish) job after years of freelance work!

Our non-profit The White Roof Project is running at high speed! We had a great year, coating over 35,000 square feet of roof on Manhattan's Lower East Side and we closed out the painting year with a very successful auction fundraiser.  In 2012 we will be expanding to other cities and supporting projects across the country.

I am still working at the hedge fund. Supplementing my time with a few side projects. I am running social media for White Roof Project, and have renewed my positions on the Junior Board of StreetWise Partners and on the Advisory Board of the New York City New Leaders Council. In 2012 I will be the Institute Chair for the NLC Institute and am really looking forward to working with a great group!

We have some great travel plans for 2012, in the Spring we are going to head down to Puerto Rico to spend a 'second honeymoon' at the Pineiro Apartment in San Juan! My not-so-little brother Kincade is graduating High School in June in Las Vegas and my cousin Danny is marrying Jen, a wonderful addition to the family, in October in Chicago! My sister Blair is moving to Austin this summer and there's a chance we'll get to visit her too. It'll give us a chance to you know, check out Austin. See if it's somewhere that we might want to live someday too! Slowly but surely we're being called west!

This weekend we are staying in New York for the first time ever! We are having a small group of friends over for a Christmas Eve pot-luck and will be waking up to our first Christmas morning as a married couple in our own home!

We wish you all a happy and healthy 2012! Don't forget to let us know next time you're in New York City! We threw away our big couch for a love seat and exercise bike but we'll happily blow up the air mattress for you anytime! If you're a New Yorker let us know when you're in Astoria and we'll get together!

[caption id="attachment_657" align="aligncenter" width="546" caption="April 30, 2011 - Wedding Day!"]

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